Myths About Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are commonly misunderstood. With so many myths floating around, we are here to settle the score.

As we grow older our skin begins to thin and reveal veins that would not have been visible before. Many think these are varicose veins and therefore associate them with old age. However, these veins are not considered varicose unless they appear to be thicker and purple or blue. Another misconception about varicose veins is that they only occur in the elderly. Unfortunately, painful varicose veins can occur in teenagers as well. The general belief is that varicose veins only affect women. While women are more commonly affected, men also struggle with these ugly, purple leg snakes.

Crossing your legs is another myth surrounding veins. Many women cross their legs often without even realizing that they do it. While crossing your legs is perceived to affect vascular health, your legs do not create the kind of pressure necessary to stop blood flow in your veins and therefore will not increase your risk for developing varicose veins. The same is true for standing for long periods of time. Standing for long periods of time can contribute to a lack of blood flow, but it does not directly cause varicose veins.

As long as the bluish cables in your legs aren’t causing you pain, than it’s okay to ignore them, right? Wrong! Ignoring varicose veins can lead to serious problems such as severe pain and swelling, skin ulcers and skin changes. If you have varicose veins you should talk with your doctor.

While minimally invasive surgery is a successful way to eliminate unwanted varicose veins in your legs, there are other, non-surgical options as well. Varicose veins can be treated with home care, i.e. support hose and sclerotherapy treatments. There is no reason to undergo the painful vein stripping procedure.

Your legs don’t have to look like a national road map with highways all over the place, there are options. Call the doctors at the Reno Vein Clinic today to set up a free consultation at (775) 329-3100 and visit us online for more information


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