Vascular Disease Foundation Tribute Garden

The Vascular Disease Foundation (VDF) was established in 1998 to provide public education and improve awareness about vascular diseases. VDF provides resources to the public that are accurate and trustworthy so the public may have science-based information and data to make informed healthcare decisions.

The VDF Tribute Garden is dedicated to those currently fighting vascular disease or those who have passed away from vascular disease. It is a place for families, loved ones, or anyone to honor or memorialize someone special. Through VDF’s Tribute Garden you can leave comments, participate in discussions with others who have struggled with vascular disease, make a donation or create a memorial fund.

It is hard to care for or watch someone you love suffer from vascular disease. The VDF’s Tribute Garden is a place people can learn, grieve and heal.

For more information about the Tribute Garden visit the VDF website at To learn about vascular conditions and treatment contact the Reno Vein Clinic at (775) 329-3100.


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