A New Year and A New You

A new year is here and it’s the perfect time to make some resolutions you can actually stick to! If your legs have been causing you pain or annoying varicose veins have kept you from enjoying life to the fullest, don’t put off treatment any longer. Reno Vein Clinic can help with treatments that offer great results and are minimally invasive.

Reno Vein Clinic treats varicose veins using a procedure called ClosureFast or RadioFrequency Closure. This FDA approved procedure is performed under “twilight anesthesia” and patients go home the same day. Patients can quickly return to normal activities and work, and most insurance plans cover the surgery.

Ambulatory Micro Phlebectomy is another procedure performed at the Reno Vein Clinic. Large varicose veins that are near the surface of the skin can be removed for remarkable cosmetic improvement.

If you suffer from spider veins, a treatment called Foam Sclerotherapy can help. This non-operative treatment uses micro-injection technology through very small needles. It usually takes 2 to 4 treatments for sclerotherapy to be completely effective. It is considered a cosmetic treatment, so it is generally not covered by insurance plans.

Visit www.RenoVeinClinic.com or call us at (775) 329-3100 to learn more about treatment options and make 2011 a great year!


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