Video Spotlight: Pregnancy and Veins

Many women first start to develop varicose veins during pregnancy. As the uterus grows, it puts pressure on the large vein on the right side of the body, which in turn increases pressure in the leg veins. Veins are the blood vessels that return blood from your extremities to your heart. When you are pregnant, the amount of blood in your body increases, adding to the burden on your veins. Additionally, the progesterone levels are increased causing the walls of the blood vessels to relax.

Varicose veins tend to get worse with each successive pregnancy and as you get older. Being overweight, carrying multiples, and standing for long periods can also make a woman more susceptible. For many women, the varicose veins tend to improve after giving birth.

To learn more watch Dr. Daake of the Reno Vein Clinic discussing varicose veins and pregnancy at:

Visit or call (775) 329-3100 to learn more about varicose veins and the treatment options available.


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