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Treating Spider Veins

The two options for spider vein treatment are sclerotherapy and laser.

Slerotherapy involves injecting a liquid agent through a tiny needle directly into your spider veins, causing them to contract and collapse. This procedure is best suited for medium to large spider veins because the needle is fitted into the vein. This procedure is performed in the office and is relatively painless. The patient wears compression hose following the procedure. Normal activities can be resumed immediately. Treatments are performed six weeks apart and it usually takes two to four treatments for sclerotherapy to be effective. Sclerotherapy is considered cosmetic and can treat spider veins on hands, face, legs and chest.

During a laser treatment, the Gemini laser is applied to the skin over the spider vein. The energy from the laser causes the spider veins to coagulate and shrink. Laser therapy is most effective for small and medium spider veins. You will likely experience mild discomfort similar to having a small rubber band snapped against your skin. Over two to six weeks, the spider veins will start to fade and you will see improved appearance after each treatment. The laser treatment usually requires three to five treatments done six to eight weeks apart.

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