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Obesity, Another Cause of Varicose Veins.

The pitfall of being overweight and unhealthy continue… Obesity is a major risk factor for varicose veins as excess fat increases pressure on the vascular system in the legs. This increased pressure combined with low levels of activity is a bad leads to painful and unsightly veins.

Losing weight not only improves overall health, but helps ease and prevent varicose veins. Many people see and feel a dramatic improvement after losing as little as 10-14 pounds. The best way to lose weight effectively and healthily is to exercise regularly and include a sensible diet. Exercise helps with a variety of circulatory problems and eating healthy fuels the body with the right foods to make it work the best. Visit our previous posts on healthy diet

Weight reduction helps to ease varicose veins. Many people see a dramatic improvement after losing as little as 10-14 pounds. Exercise is also a big help for anyone suffering from varicose veins – or other circulatory problems. It helps to pump blood around the body and maintain good circulation. In chronic cases of varicose veins, injection therapy or vascular surgery to remove or divide varicose veins, may be necessary.

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How compressions stockings help.

The use of compression stockings is usually a proven first approach recommended by doctors prior to treating varicose veins surgically. Stockings may help relieve some of the painful symptoms and help the blood circulate more effectively through the body.

Compression stockings are specially designed to reduce the pooling that occurs in spider and varicose veins. The stockings may not eliminated varicose veins, but they do help alleviate symptoms caused such as swelling, aching and heaviness. Compression stockings can also reduce the risk of blood clots caused by sitting in a confined space for long periods of time, common when traveling.

Most compression stockings apply the highest amount of pressure around the ankle with less pressure as they go up the leg. This helps milk the blood back up the leg towards the heart. Your doctor will write you a prescription or provide a recommended brand of their choice for you to purchase if you are in need of compression stockings.

At Reno Vein Clinic, we recommend the Ibici stockings, an Italian brand of compression hosiery that provides it’s customers with effective graduated compression, while keeping modern designs and styles. For more information, visit.

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