Get to Know Your Reno Vein Clinic Doctors

Get to know Dr. John Daake, board certified by the American Board of Phlebology. Nationally recognized with more than 25 years of vascular surgery experience, Dr. Daake joined the Reno Vein Clinic after moving from Missouri. In his native Saint Louis, Missouri, he established a vein treatment clinic, “Knot in Vein”, that focused his knowledge and expertise on problems related to varicose and spider veins.

Here at Reno Vein Clinic, Dr. Daake’s work involves using a comprehensive treatment called Prorejuvenation, developed at the Clinic. The unique program emphasizes several key elements in the overall management of venous and vascular skin disorders, using modern techniques to provide safe treatments and positive outcomes.

A graduate of Princeton University and Saint Louis University School of Medicine, he is a Fellow at American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Venous Association, Washoe County Medical Society, American College of Phlebology and Nevada State Medical Association.

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