Fall Skin Care Tips

As the weather gets colder, now is the time to take a few extra steps to help ensure your skin stays soft and radiant through harsher weather. Don’t have time to stop in for one of our facial treatments or peels? We have you covered with a few fun facial tips from BellaSugar.  Take a peek at the below tips and common foods to help you look and feel your best:

  •  Green Tea — Full of antioxidants and helpful for reducing redness, rinsing your face in cool green tea is a great way to gently soothe skin.
  • Avocado — An excellent moisturizer, avocado is great as a face mask, mashed up in hair or for using just about anywhere that needs a little extra hydration.
  • Oatmeal — For a fast-acting soother, look no further than oatmeal, which has major anti-inflammatory properties. You can drop it in the bath, slather it on your face, or even use it as a gentle scrub.
  • Lemon — The acid in this fruit can whiten nails, give your hair natural-looking highlights, and help slough off dry, flaky skin.
  • Olive Oil — This kitchen staple is great for hydrating hair and smoothing dry spots on skin.
  • Sugar — There’s no sweeter natural exfoliant. Mix this with a little olive, almond, or apricot oil for a great lip and body scrub.
  • Honey — This natural antimicrobial also soothes and draws moisture into skin. Use it in masks or as a spot treatment.

To read the full article, visit http://www.bellasugar.com/Natural-Beauty-Foods-Work-20062312. For more information on Reno Vein Clinic’s top skin and laser treatments, visit http://renoveinclinic.com/skincare/.



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