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Peels to Perk Up Your Skin!

Is your skin feeling dull and a little lifeless? Do you feel like your skin just isn’t where it should be? Then it’s time you try a Biomedic Micro Peel. This treatment is a three step process that removes a micro-thin layer of skin from the surface of your face, leaving you looking younger and more rejuvenated. The layer of skin that you are removing generally consists of clogged pores, which slows and often obstructs the turnover of healthy new cells, which keep your skin looking fresh. The acids used in a Biomedic Peel are lactic and glycolic. What are these acids you may ask? Both are naturally occurring AHA’s, or alpha hydroxyl acids. These are found in fruits and other foods, the concentration of AHA’s determines it’s peeling properties, for example, the higher the concentration, the more AHA’s will act as a surface peel. Both the lactic and glycolic acids are used to help exfoliate and shed the surface of the skin. The procedure has little to no pain and is completely outpatient. This procedure also has a very quick turnaround time, meaning fresh and glowing skin is at your fingertips! This holiday season be sure and look into a Biomedic Micro Peel at the Reno Vein Clinic, whether it be for a gift, or for yourself!

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Spider Veins No More.


Do you suffer from spider veins? Have you wanted to remove them, but don’t know the first step? At the Reno Vein Clinic, we are here to help. Spider veins are traditionally hormonally induced, most often around menstruation and pregnancy. This means that women are the prime sufferer’s, and while men can have small veins that look like spider veins, most of the time they are typically high pressure “blow-outs” from varicose veins. Spider veins grow out of reticular veins, also known as feeder veins. The feeders are a large network of veins usually deeper in the skin, this can make them harder to get to, but it is essential to get to them because they are the root problem to spider veins. To effectively eliminate your spider veins, it is imperative to treat the feeder veins. Just eliminating surface spider veins will not guarantee they do not return. However, by removing the feeder, you are effectively eliminating the source of the spider vein, allowing the area to remain clear and not require additional treatments. The Reno Vein Clinic uses a proven micro-injection procedure called Sclerotherapy. The sclerosant used during the procedure is FDA approved; the appointment is completely outpatient and is only around an hour long. If you have spider veins and you are interested in removing them, it is time you called the Reno Vein Clinic and schedule your consultation today, (775) 329-3100.

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