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The Fundamentals of Circulation

Our bodies are equipped with one of the most complex systems, our circulatory system. This system has the difficult job of pumping blood throughout our entire body, making sure every organ, tissue, and muscle are supplied with enough blood to properly function. All of this important work is carried through our bodies by tiny and delicate veins. Arteries help regulate how much blood and where the blood goes to in your body. More specifically, arteries take the blood containing oxygen and nutrients out into the body, while veins return the blood back to the heart. Between arteries and veins, veins have a slightly more difficult task. Arteries send blood out (or downward) while veins send it up towards the heart. Veins have to work twice as hard against gravity to push the blood back to your heart, making healthy veins crucial to your wellbeing. Keeping a healthy circulatory system is crucial to being overall healthy. Blood plays such an important role in keeping our bodies healthy and functioning properly, without your veins working properly, the rest of your body suffers. While not as thought of, vein health should definitely be in the forefront of our minds. Especially as we age, this is where many vein issues arise.

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Identifying Symptoms

Not all vein symptoms are easy to identify. Many of them can be slow moving, while others occur rapidly. Many doctors also mistake the symptoms for again, arthritis, joint pain, or muscle fatigue. It is important to remember that symptoms vary from person to person, and should be talked about with your doctor. One of the main reasons it is important to identify your symptoms is so that you can catch any vein issues early, and be able to treat them as soon as possible to lessen any negative consequences. It is also important to discover the root cause of your vein problem so that you can correctly treat it. By not correctly treating it, you are only masking a problem that could potentially be worse off the longer it goes correctly untreated. Here are some important symptoms to look for in deteriorating vein health:

-Leg pain and discomfort

-Achy or heaviness in the legs

-Leg cramps

-Leg throbbing

-Early muscle fatigue

-Itching or burning sensation in the legs

-Restless legs

-Leg swelling

If you experience any or all of these symptoms bes sure and call you doctor so that you can learn the root of the problem and treat the condition early. We love happy and healthy veins, so make it a priority to keep yours that way too!

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Early Prevention

Did you know that with early detection and prevention, you can help lessen your chances of having serious vein issues in the future? One of the best ways to prevent vein issues is exercise. Not only is it important in helping the rest of your body stay healthy, but it also plays a major role in keeping your veins healthy. Aerobic exercise has been shown to dramatically benefit varicose veins, particularly when the activity utilizes the calf muscle. So running/jogging up and down hills would be a quick and easy way to target this area. By exercising, you are encouraging blood flow throughout your muscles therefore helping the blood to not sit stagnant, which leads to vein issues. On the other hand, exercising under excruciating weight, or bearing weights that put too much pressure on your legs, can have the adverse effect. This limits your blood movement, and with the added pressure on your veins, can over strain them, which in turn weakens them. They key to exercise benefitting your veins, is to make sure your focus is mostly aerobic. The movement of your legs without strenuous pressure will yield the best results. If you feel that you are still struggling with vein problems, compression socks have been known to help as well. Graduated compression socks act as a wall of muscle that helps to gently squeeze stretched vein walls together, allowing the valves to close together and function properly. The graduated compression socks have more pressure at the ankles while the pressure they put on the leg gently decreases as the sock goes further up the leg towards the calf. Compression socks are especially recommended to be worn during air travel to reduce swelling and the risk of a blood clot. They are also beneficial if your profession requires you to sit for long periods of time. The socks will help to keep blood from pooling in stretched out veins, causing pain. With prevention management, you can help lessen or avoid vein issues!

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Winter- The perfect time to treat veins!


Even though it’s winter, it is no excuse to let varicose veins go untreated! We have all seen or experienced varicose veins. Many of us don’t really even think about our veins unless a problem occurs. Some people even let varicose veins go untreated, which is just as bad! Healthy veins in the human body transfer blood to all parts of our bodies and then return it to our heart and lungs so that it can be re-oxygenated. The key to this process is a system of valves. If the valves fail or leak, blood flows in the wrong direction, causing swelling, pain, and distended veins. This results in the development of varicose veins. Many people who suffer from varicose veins do not treat them because they are only aesthetically displeasing. However, this is definitely not good for you. Many people who lead active lifestyles find that their varicose veins do not hurt early in the day, but after being on their feet all day, or being especially active, they find the varicose vein sights to be swollen and painful, often causing them to put their feet up at night to relieve pressure. Not treating veins can most definitely lead to this. The good news is, you don’t have to let it get that bad! At the Reno Vein Clinic, we are dedicated to treating your varicose veins so that you may continue an active and busy lifestyle without the pain associated with varicose veins. They are not something you have to ‘just live with’ anymore. It is important if you suffer from varicose veins to schedule a consultation. Every patient’s treatment at the Reno Vein Clinic is tailored to their specific needs. It’s time you stop feeling uncomfortable and even though it’s winter, ladies, break out those fun cocktail dresses and show off your beautiful legs this season!

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