Identifying Symptoms

Not all vein symptoms are easy to identify. Many of them can be slow moving, while others occur rapidly. Many doctors also mistake the symptoms for again, arthritis, joint pain, or muscle fatigue. It is important to remember that symptoms vary from person to person, and should be talked about with your doctor. One of the main reasons it is important to identify your symptoms is so that you can catch any vein issues early, and be able to treat them as soon as possible to lessen any negative consequences. It is also important to discover the root cause of your vein problem so that you can correctly treat it. By not correctly treating it, you are only masking a problem that could potentially be worse off the longer it goes correctly untreated. Here are some important symptoms to look for in deteriorating vein health:

-Leg pain and discomfort

-Achy or heaviness in the legs

-Leg cramps

-Leg throbbing

-Early muscle fatigue

-Itching or burning sensation in the legs

-Restless legs

-Leg swelling

If you experience any or all of these symptoms bes sure and call you doctor so that you can learn the root of the problem and treat the condition early. We love happy and healthy veins, so make it a priority to keep yours that way too!


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