The Fundamentals of Circulation

Our bodies are equipped with one of the most complex systems, our circulatory system. This system has the difficult job of pumping blood throughout our entire body, making sure every organ, tissue, and muscle are supplied with enough blood to properly function. All of this important work is carried through our bodies by tiny and delicate veins. Arteries help regulate how much blood and where the blood goes to in your body. More specifically, arteries take the blood containing oxygen and nutrients out into the body, while veins return the blood back to the heart. Between arteries and veins, veins have a slightly more difficult task. Arteries send blood out (or downward) while veins send it up towards the heart. Veins have to work twice as hard against gravity to push the blood back to your heart, making healthy veins crucial to your wellbeing. Keeping a healthy circulatory system is crucial to being overall healthy. Blood plays such an important role in keeping our bodies healthy and functioning properly, without your veins working properly, the rest of your body suffers. While not as thought of, vein health should definitely be in the forefront of our minds. Especially as we age, this is where many vein issues arise.


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