Acne Treatments

Acne has often been a dreaded word for most of us. We all have suffered from a painful blemish, or had them pop up when we least want them. Some of us suffer from worse acne than others, which can be especially hard. Having reoccurring acne can ruin one’s self confidence and make them embarrassed and withdrawn; and while everyone has suffered from acne at one point, we all feel like we have a bad case or that our acne is worse than others during a flare up. While acne is never really wanted, we understand it happens to the best of us. And do know there are a lot of ways to help improve/decrease breakouts! The most important tip, as well as the most obvious, is to drink a lot of water. We as humans are made up primarily of water, we need to constantly replenish what we use in a day to keep our bodies flushed of toxins (which clog pores) and keep dry skin hydrated. It is also very important to get an adequate amount of sleep. Getting 7-8 hours per night allows your body to rejuvenate itself, including the skin on your face. It gives your face a break from exposure to sunlight, free radicals in the air, and any makeup you may wear. Which leads to the next tip, make sure you wash your face before you go to bed. It is really important to keep you face clean and moisturized before you sleep, and when washing your face, make sure you are using warm water and not hot water. If you sweat a lot during a workout, make sure you wash your face/body as soon as you can after to not let sweat dry and clog pores which can lead to more acne. Washing your hair regularly can also help improve the reoccurrences of acne; the oils your head produces can clog pores when hair touches your face. That being said, making sure you limit the hair products that contain oils, such as pomades, waxes and mouse, will help prevent acne. Being diligent with little tricks like these will really help lessen your acne occurrences, leaving you happier and with beautiful clear skin!


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