Our Gemini © Laser

If you suffer from spider veins on your face, neck or body, don’t feel alone. Spider veins are incredibly common and with the Gemini © laser, much easier to treat. The Gemini laser is a multi-application laser system. What sets the Gemini © apart is the two distinct wavelengths to choose from, 1064nm Nd:YAG and 532nm KTP. The two wavelengths help to remove the color and appearance of spider veins drastically. The best part is that the laser is non-invasive making the treatments have little recovery time. The Gemini ©is not only used for spider vein removal, but can also be used on acne, wrinkles, diffusing of redness, age spots, and unwanted hair. One great point about this laser is that it has to ability to cover small spaces as well as larger surface areas, allowing you to get a precise treatment to best help achieve the appearance you desire post treatment. The Gemini ©laser is also incredibly fast. This is important because it cuts down actual treatment times, which means less pain and faster turnaround for you. If you have spider veins or redness caused by spider veins, we would definitely recommend the Gemini © laser for your treatment. Spider veins is not something you have to deal with or spend loads of money on makeup to try and cover up, we can help you remove these unsightly blemishes on your face to help reveal the real you to the rest of the world. Don’t be intimidated by the word laser, our treatments are minimal in pain and recovery time is incredibly short. We can’t wait for you to try the Gemini © laser and experience what being spider vein free is like! Generally there are 3 to 5 treatments for effective results. Treatments are typically between 6 and 8 weeks apart to affect the veins.




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