How To Avoid Varicose Veins While Pregnant


While varicose veins are sometimes a given with pregnancy, with all the additional weight and pressure you legs take on, they can sometimes happen without your control. However, there are some tips to follow to help minimize your chances of getting them.


  • Exercise daily; even just a brisk walk will help with circulation.
  • Strive to keep within the recommended weight range for your stage of pregnancy.
  • Elevate your feet and legs whenever possible. Use a stool or box at work while you are sitting, and a pillow while you are lying down.
  • Don’t cross your legs or ankles when sitting, the added pressure can cause them to appear.
  • Sleep on your let side. Wedge a pillow behind your back to keep yourself tilted to the left and elevate your feet with a pillow. The inferior vena cava is one the right side, lying on your left side relieves the vein of the weight from your uterus, thus decreasing pressure on the veins in your legs and feet.
  • Wear special support hose. Graduated-compression stockings, which are twice as thick as normal pantyhose, work best. These are available from medical supply stores and pharmacies. They are also great to wear while flying- they help keep pressure off of your lower leg veins when you are at a high elevation and sitting for long periods of time.


While there is no guarantee you will not develop any varicose veins during pregnancy, it is important to take the proper steps to avoid what you can. If you would like to read more about varicose veins and pregnancy, read here.


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