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Pain you should never ignore…. Yes guys, we’re talking to you!

When we read this article about certain pain that men should never ignore, we were immediately drawn to the part about leg pain. Since it is DVT awareness month, we thought we would share just one story of how DVT can be a painful and fatal reality if ignored. Here’s an excerpt:


“No man likes to be called a wimp by his buddies, but ask yourself what you would rather hear: 1) “I always knew that deep down he was a hypochondriac,” while your buds snicker behind your back. Or, 2) “Yeah, he was one tough guy to be able to ignore that kind of pain,” while they sniffle over your coffin.

Remember David Bloom, the NBC reporter? He felt a pain behind his knee after being wedged in an armored vehicle for hours on end while covering the Iraq war. He was told to go to a doctor. He didn’t. He died in 2003 from a pulmonary embolism caused by deep-vein thrombosis at age 39.

 Bloom tried to tough out one of the eight pains every man ignores at risk of death or permanent injury. Let’s take his particular pain first:

  1. 1.     Leg pain with swelling. Maybe you’ve been crammed in a tight seat for six or more hours like Bloom, and one of your calves is swollen and really hurts. There’s a possibility the blood that pools in your lower legs has formed a clot known as deep-vein thrombosis. Don’t rub your leg. “It can send a big clot running up to your lung, where it can kill you,” Dr. John Stamatos, told Men’ See a doctor, who can dissolve the clot with drugs, or sometimes put a filter in your veins to stop the clot.”


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