Ask the skincare expert: Is eye cream necessary?

With so may face lotions and potions out there, we were curious if an eye cream is a “LOVE IT” or “LEAVE IT” item. We asked our own skincare expert, Joelle Greene, RN. to give us the scoop!



It’s important to note that the skin area around your eyes in the thinnest and most sensitive on you entire body. Many eye creams are formulated specifically to be gentler for this area… and include ingredients that are beneficial for concerns like dark circles, firming and puffiness. If those are issues that you are looking to address specifically, then a dedicated eye cream is a wonderful addition to your skincare routine.

Before you start using a new eye cream, you should dab a little bit on a test spot for a few days, then watch out for tearing, redness, rashes and even blisters that some products cause on such sensitive skin. Once you find one that works, you’ve got to use it every day in order to see the results you hope for. It’s also important to use an SPF 30 eye cream every morning, because skin cancer is really common in the eye area. You can also try using your current moisturizer and sunscreen around your eyes. If you experience no irritation doing this, you can keep with that technique as well.


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