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Is Sclerotherapy right for you?

At Reno Vein Clinic, our expert doctors, Dr. Robert Merchant and Dr. John Daake provide tailored solutions to your vein health needs. Many times we get asked about sclerotherapy and its effectiveness. If you are one of the many people who suffer from spider veins, sclerotherapy can be the best option to eliminate them safely and effectively.

Curious how sclerotherapy is performed?

Sclerotherapy is non-invasive treatment that is done in a clinic setting, which means you do not need to go to a hospital to receive this procedure. A saline or chemical solution is injected directly into the damaged spider vein and closes off the vein. Once the vein is closed, blood supply is cut off to the problem vein and will be naturally absorbed by your body… resulting in diminished appearance of spider veins!

Following the procedure, you’ll be asked to wear compression stockings to speed healing. You may experience some mild cramping the first day or two following the procedure, but you won’t require a prescription medication for pain control. You may also notice some bruising and discoloration.

To completely remove your spider veins, you may require multiple treatments, generally spaced several weeks apart.

For additional information about treating your spider veins at Reno Vein Clinic, call our office at 775-329-3100.

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Ask The Skincare Expert: Can I Minimize My Rosacea?

This week, we are asking Reno Vein Clinic Skincare Expert, Joelle Grenne, RN if Rosacea can be eliminated.

Many people suffer from Rosacea, which is a disorder involving chronic inflammation of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, or eyelids. It may cause redness, vascularity (increased prominence of the blood vessels), swelling or hyperplasia (increase in size of the tissue), or skin eruptions similar to acne.


Quite simply, the answer is… Yes! Depending on the severity, Rosacea can be treated with a topical treatment or a laser. Laser technology is a wonderful way to remove the visible blood cells and reduce severe redness. This works because the wavelengths created by the lasers destroy the targeted blood vessels from the heat from the laser’s energy. It’s relatively painless and since the laser is only targeting the blood vessel, the chances for damaging the facial tissue are very slim.

I usually recommend at least three laser treatments every four-six weeks. The visible blood cells will diminish immediately, however some do recur, which requires additional treatment.

Do you have a question for Joelle? Submit them in the comments below and your question just might be the next one featured!

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5 activities You Can Do NOW to Improve Your Vein Health

Our vein experts at the Reno Vein Clinic, Dr. Robert Merchant and Dr. John Daake often stress the importance physical activity and how it can be beneficial to our vein health. We often get asked about what kinds of moderate activities are easy to perform and thought we’d provide you with five beneficial moves you can do from home to improve your vein health and prevent varicose veins and spider veins.

Activity 1

Lie down on a soft surface and raise both legs straight into the air above you. Watch the color of your feet change until they lose their color and turn whitish. Sit up and lower both legs so they are below the level of your head. Watch the color return to your feet until they are normal. Lie down and rest for several minutes with your legs horizontal, and then repeat.

Activity 2

Lie down on your back and raise both legs in the air. Extend one leg upward toward the sky while bending the other, then switch the positions of your legs simultaneously. The motion is similar to riding a bike. Make sure to straighten each leg completely upward when extending.

Activity 3.

Lie on a soft surface or place a pillow beneath your hips. Raise one leg straight upward while bending the other leg. Pull the bent leg toward your chest with your arms while rotating your ankle in a circular motion. Switch directions often. Hold this position for 30 seconds, and then switch legs and repeat.

Activity 4

Stand on a low step, no more than three or four inches high. Extend your heels over the edge of the step and support your weight on the balls of your feet. Slowly press upward onto your toes, and then lower your heels until they are slightly lower than the step. You should feel a slight stretch in your calf muscles. Hold onto a wall or other anchored object if you have trouble keeping balance. Perform 40 repetitions.

Activity 5

Go for a leisurely walk or swim. Thirty minutes of light exercise four times per week can greatly reduce symptoms of varicose veins. The key is to exercise in moderation. Lack of exercise and strenuous exercise can increase symptoms.


Here’s to moving for your vein health!

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