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Spring! The perfect time to start exercising!

As the springtime weather makes it’s way to our area, many are encouraged to take their activities outside. Staying active and exercising is a great way to promote vascular health and prevent painful varicose and spider veins. Physical activity also provides a myriad of other physiological and psychological benefits.


According to the American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine, 30 minutes of daily physical activity is recommended to reduce both vascular and cardiovascular risk.  Recent research has also indicated that in order to maintain good health, we need to combine both aerobic activity along with strength and flexibility workouts.


Here are some examples of good workouts that have aerobic, strength and flexibility components.




Hiking is great way to not only make the most of beautiful scenery, but increase the heart rate along with resistance as well.  If you are new to hiking, start with an easy to moderate trail that’s flat and averages around 1.5 to 3 miles, as you become more comfortable with the terrain and workout you can increase your distance and difficulty.




The health benefits of yoga come both in physiological and psychological forms. Increasing flexibility can also increase circulation, which can help prevent the deterioration of veins. Yoga also helps relieve stress, which is always an additional benefit.




Swimming lessens the effect of gravity while still keeping the legs active, a big benefit for those who suffer from or are trying to prevent varicose veins. If you are new to swimming, treading water is a great way to begin to increase the heart rate and tone your arms and legs. If treading water is too difficult to begin with, simply walking along a pool floor or using a kickboard to move in the water.


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Vein Surgery and Twilight Anesthetic

Radiofrequency Closure is an FDA approved procedure performed at the Reno Vein Clinic with exceptional results. This same day surgery takes less than two hours and is usually performed under “twilight anesthesia” or minimal I.V. sedation and local anesthesia. In twilight anesthesia, the patient is comfortable and does not experience pain. The anesthesia is administered through an IV to make a patient sleepy and calm during a procedure. The patient is typically awake, but groggy during the procedure.

Unlike Radiofrequency Closure, archaic vein stripping requires unnecessary general anesthetic, pain and bruising and extended down time. Schedule an appointment with the doctors at the Reno Vein Clinic to discuss your treatment options further. Visit or call (775) 329-3100 to learn more about varicose veins and the treatment options available.

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Walk and Jog Your Way to a Longer, Healthier Life

Need motivation to get off the couch and get your heart pumping? Taking part in easy, aerobic exercises every day can help you live a longer, healthier life. Simple routines such as walking, jogging, biking or swimming affects your heart, lungs and blood flow. Still need motivation to get moving? Courtesy of the Mayo Clinic, we dug up some of our favorite reasons to get active and start working towards a long and healthy life!

  • Build Stamina: Initially, aerobic exercising may make you tired in the short term. But over a longer period of time, you will enjoy increased stamina and energy and reduced fatigue.
  • Ward off Illnesses: Exercising helps activate your immune system, leaving you less susceptible to viral illnesses such as a cold or flu.
  • Reduce Health Risks: One of the ultimate benefits, aerobic exercises can help reduce your risk of many health conditions including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes and certain cancers. Exercising can also reduce the chance of subsequent heart attacks.
  • Keep Arteries Clear: Aerobic exercise boosts your high-density lipoprotein (or “good” cholesterol) and helps lower your low-density lipoprotein (or “bad” cholesterol). The result includes less buildup of plaque in your arteries.
  • Strengthen Your Heart: A stronger heart doesn’t need to beat as fast. A stronger heart also pumps blood more effectively to all parts in your body. Aerobic exercises are a great way to work towards a healthier heart.
  • Boost Your Mood: Aerobic exercising can pull you out of a slump, reduce tension and promote relaxation.

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3 Quick Tips: Compression Stockings

At times, wearing compression hosiery can be difficult or uncomfortable, but wearing them in extremely important to maintain circulation and vascular health. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when compression stockings are a must:


  • If you want to wear sandals, look for an open toed or footless stocking in a color that most closely resembles your skin tone, this will allow you to blend in and still wear the open-toed shoes you love!
  • If you enjoy exercising outdoors, consider using athletic compression socks. Professional athletes often use compression leggings because they offer exceptional support, reduce muscle fatigue and are made from a sweat-wicking material that helps you stay cool.
  • If putting your stockings on is difficult, consider using donning gloves and baby powder, which can help you slide on your compression stockings more easily.


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