Spring! The perfect time to start exercising!

As the springtime weather makes it’s way to our area, many are encouraged to take their activities outside. Staying active and exercising is a great way to promote vascular health and prevent painful varicose and spider veins. Physical activity also provides a myriad of other physiological and psychological benefits.


According to the American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine, 30 minutes of daily physical activity is recommended to reduce both vascular and cardiovascular risk.  Recent research has also indicated that in order to maintain good health, we need to combine both aerobic activity along with strength and flexibility workouts.


Here are some examples of good workouts that have aerobic, strength and flexibility components.




Hiking is great way to not only make the most of beautiful scenery, but increase the heart rate along with resistance as well.  If you are new to hiking, start with an easy to moderate trail that’s flat and averages around 1.5 to 3 miles, as you become more comfortable with the terrain and workout you can increase your distance and difficulty.




The health benefits of yoga come both in physiological and psychological forms. Increasing flexibility can also increase circulation, which can help prevent the deterioration of veins. Yoga also helps relieve stress, which is always an additional benefit.




Swimming lessens the effect of gravity while still keeping the legs active, a big benefit for those who suffer from or are trying to prevent varicose veins. If you are new to swimming, treading water is a great way to begin to increase the heart rate and tone your arms and legs. If treading water is too difficult to begin with, simply walking along a pool floor or using a kickboard to move in the water.



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