Follow Up Care for RadioFrequency Closure

The day of surgery:
At the Reno Vein Clinic, minimal sedation is used, so the patient is usually sent home within an hour after the surgery . Most patients are up and moving about normally within a few hours of the surgery; however the patient is asked not to do any excessive exercise for a couple of days.

Follow-up appointments:
The next day the patient comes in for the post-op check. Bandages are removed and exchanged for compression hose. The physician will do an ultrasound to ensure the veins have closed correctly, and will answer any questions the patient may have. The Doctor will see the patient again at 3, 6 and sometimes 12 months intervals.

Compression hose:
The patient is asked to wear 140 compression hose during daytime activities for 2 weeks after the surgery. This helps promote both healing and post surgery comfort.

The procedure Reno Vein Clinic uses has been proven to be much less painful and cause significantly less bruising than other procedures. However each patient is different and may react differently. Wearing compression hose will significantly reduce the occurrence and extent of bruising.

The patient will often see instant results after the surgery. Lumpy, ropey veins will be gone and after a period of time the smaller spider veins may diminish as well. Frequently, however, sclerotherapy is recommended


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