How Obesity Affects Vein Health

One of the most important steps you can take in preventing problematic veins is controlling your weight. Not only does being overweight and obese affect your overall health and wellbeing, but it can take a major toll on your veins as well.

The extra weight on the feet of an obese person decreases the pump function of the foot and the calf. Additionally, the fat of the leg impedes venous outflow. Abdominal fat also increase internal pressures, increasing resistance to proper venous flow. All of these factors that surround extensive weight gain impede vein function, making swelling and skin changes more likely.

Wearing tight or constrictive garments or high heels can exacerbate obese individual’s vein health. Add a sedentary lifestyle or prolonged travel in a constricted space and there is an increased risk of DVT. Obesity also increases the risk of developing blood during abdominal pelvic or orthopedic operations.

One of the best things you can do for your health is maintain a healthy weight. It is likely that a variety of ailments pertaining to obesity, like poor vein health, will dissipate once your body reaches healthy levels of fat, sugar and muscle.


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