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Fitness Apps to Help Keep You Accountable through 2017

The New Year is the best time to reevaluate your health, set new fitness goals and motivate yourself to meet those goals in 2017. Because our Smart Phones are in our homes, car, and office, fitness and health apps make tracking exercise and diet easier than ever!

Here is a list of our top favorite health and fitness apps to help you reach our goals this year!

My Fitness Pal

The best way to hold yourself accountable for your diet is to track your meals, snacks and water. My Fitness Pal will do it all for you! My Fitness Pal has one of the largest databases of foods, so you never have to wonder if what you’re eating will be able to track. Equipped with a barcode, you can even scan any food item to avoid manually. Another reason My Fitness Pal is our ultimate health go-to, if you are a Fitbit user, simply sync the two together and you can track your exercise and get a close estimate of your calories in versus your calories out!

Download: iTunes App Store | Google Play

Price: Free or purchase a Premium subscription option for more features.

My Macros + Diet

If you aren’t familiar with tracking your macros, this is a great way to make sure you are getting your calories from all the right sources and in the right amounts! This app will track over 5 million food items and get detailed insight on how your diet is impacting your goals.

Download: iTunes App Store

Price: Free

Nike+ Training Club

This app is your personal trainer on the go. Fully loaded with 100+ workouts and visual guides, this is perfect for an at home workout when you couldn’t quite make it to the gym, or for the gym or park. With expert personal trainers leading you through your workout, the app will also create a personalized training plan based on your needs as you go. This app will definitely have you reaching all your goals in no time!

Download: iTunes App Store | Google Play

Price: Free


Another personal trainer on the go, but more for the cardio junkie! This app will have you feeling like you’re in a spin class every day! With trainers talking you through every ride, run or elliptical workout, they crank up the intensity but also cool you down. Time flies when there is someone in your ear motivating you through the workout and who is with you every step of the way!

Download: iTunes App Store | Google Play

Price: $9.99/month

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