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Combat Varicose Vein Symptoms

Did you know there are easy, low-impact exercises that can greatly improve symptoms of vein distress without surgery? Exercise keeps blood flowing to your legs and other parts of your body that are crucial for vein strength. Even if it is a short period of time each day, cut out a half hour to exercise and keep your veins in great shape! It is important to take care of existing Spider and Varicose Veins as well, and exercise is a great, surgery-free way to do so! Here are some easy exercises to try out this summer:

  1. Brisk Walking

This gets the blood flowing specifically to your legs and feet. Brisk walking does not need to be extremely fast or strenuous. Try going to a park or scenic area near you, inviting a friend, and taking a quick walk for 20-30 minutes each night. It is a good excuse to get outside if you work indoors during the daytime, and a chance to enjoy nature while improving vein health.

  1. Biking

Biking is another great exercise that requires leg work. Find an easy route to ride, or ride to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop in the morning. Biking if better for the environment and overall better for your health. Try biking for half an hour every day or every other day and slowly increase the time you spend on your bike. You will be amazed at how far you can go and how long you can ride!

  1. Swimming

This form of exercise is great for blood flow to the veins and a perfect activity to cool down in the summer. This may not always be the most accessable form of exercise if you do not have your own pool, but try and find a public pool in your area and go for a swim with friends on weekends. Even a couple laps around the pool is great exercise without being super tiring or strenuous.

  1. Yoga/Pilates

These exercises can be modified to be comfortable for different bodies and injuries. Both Pilates and yoga classes build muscle strength without being strenuous or cardio-heavy. Try signing up for a drop-in class at a local studio and ask an instructor for help regarding any injuries or pain due to Varicose Veins. Find the class that works for you and try to incorporate that into your daily, or weekly, routine!

  1. In-Home Workouts

Busy schedules can make it hard to get out and exercise each day. In-home workouts are an important way to stay active when you are unable to go outside. Try short reps of jumping jacks, crunches, squats, sit-ups, and lunges in an open area of your home or yard. These exercises are easy, don’t take up too much room, and are important for maintaining vein health.

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