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Tips to Health-ify Thanksgiving


It’s the time of year that indulging, feasting and FOOD are the center of every gathering; however, we want to help ease the guilt, while still being to enjoy the duration of the holiday season. ┬áTo kick off the month, we want to give you some tips and tricks to making Thanksgiving a healthier, guilt-free holiday from Glamour.

  1. Health-ify your fave recipes:“Instead of loading up your mashed potatoes with cream and butter, use roasted garlic instead! Simmer peeled garlic cloves in a layer of olive oil on the stove top. Once they’re soft enough to mash up with a fork, just add them to your taters and mash away! They provide a rich creaminess and flavor with far less fat and calories than the traditionally prepared dish.” –Gretchen Powell, blogger at Honey I Shrunk Gretchen
  2. Focus on the people, not the food:“Focus on your family and the social aspect of Thanksgiving, rather than just the food. But, also realize that one day won’t derail your whole diet, so if you overdo it, start back up with your healthy habits the next day!”–Beth Klein, blogger at Beth’s Journey
  3. Go on a morning jog! Yes, the turkey trot is great and all but who really wants to go out and run or walk after a heavy meal? Honestly? Not me (although I admire those who do this every year!). That’s why running (or walking, or biking–whatever you like!) before is so great. Do something active in the morning, and you can feel better about treating yourself a little in the afternoon. And, bonus, by starting your day active, you will burn more calories throughout the day!

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