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How Do the Holiday Treats Affect Your Veins?

Elevated glucose levels and damaged blood vessels…do they go hand-in-hand? New evidence might say so. So, as the holidays have quickly come and gone, watching your sugar intake and working to detox your system, might help down the road to maintaining healthy and thriving blood vessels.


According to SELF, trying to pump blood full of sugar through blood vessels is basically like pumping sludge through a teeny tiny pipe. “The pipes will finally get tired. That’s what happens with your vessels,” Gradney explains. So any area relying on small blood vessels can become affected—kidneys, brain, eyes, heart. “It can lead to chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, high blood pressure, and you have an increased risk of stroke if you have high blood pressure.”


Aside from just pumping blood through your system, a diet high in sugar can contribute to obesity, leading to a multitude of health problems like: insulin resistance, liver functions, diabetes and other health challenges.


Need a few quick tips to a gentle detox from the holidays, we love this article from Well + Good for some tips and tricks to getting that sugar out! Click here to read more!

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