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National Heart Awareness Month!

February is not only the month for Valentine’s Day hearts, but also the month for caring for and bringing awareness to our incredible organ: our hearts! Happy National Heart Awareness Month from RVC!


This month, we hope you took time to celebrate the impressive and hard working organ that keeps you moving every day. Your veins have the job of carrying oxygen-poor blood from the body back to the heart to become oxygenated and pumped back through the body. Your veins and heart are an important team, so making sure they are a strong unit is crucial. Here are five tips from Multi Care to protect your heart, your veins and make sure you are living life to the fullest!


Tip one: Eat Well!

An easy way to see if you are taking the right steps to healthy eating is to check the menu or grocery store labels for the American Heart Association stamp of approval! Additionally, simply by cutting back on packaged and processed foods, you are taking a small, simple step to taking better care of your heart and organs! Up your intake of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and your body will reward you.


Tip Two: Get a Checkup!

By regularly getting your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked, you are doing your body a HUGE favor. Think preventative and be proactive about your health and vital levels! Regularly visiting your physician is the best way to ensure your health levels and prevent health risks.


Tip Three: Stop Smoking!

Did you know that each cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes? Smokers have more than twice the risk of heart attacks than non-smokers, so taking the step to eliminate cigarettes is literally saving your life. Take the steps to quit to prevent losing your life to the highest cause of death in America, heart disease.


Tip four: Maintain a healthy weight!

Game changer! By maintaining a healthy weight, you are changing your life (and extending it!), and promoting strong overall health…especially for your heart! If you carry excess weight in your waist, you can be at higher risk for heart attack than if you work to maintain a healthy weight.


Tip Five: Stay active!

Making exercise part of your daily routine is one of the best ways to take care of your heart. If you aren’t a regular exerciser, simply adding 5 to 10 of walking to your day, your heart will thank you for years to come!


Follow these five easy steps to a healthy heart from MultiCare and live a happy long life!

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Top 5 Places to Snowshoe in Reno-Tahoe

Snowshoeing is not only a great way to exercise in these cold winter months, it’s also a great activity to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful nature our backyard region has to offer. From Reno alone, Tahoe and surrounding areas, we are spoiled with some of the best backcountry in the west. From breath-taking views to incredible trails, snow and the winter elements are no reason to give up experiencing what our Reno-Tahoe area has to offer.

Did you know, you can burn up to 1,000 calories in only one hour of snowshoeing? Researchers have found that snowshoers can guarantee a calorie burn of anywhere from 420-1,000 calories per hour and the benefits do not stop there. Whether you’re cross-training for a summer sport, or looking for a weekend activity with your family and friends, snowshoeing can offer terrain and training benefits for both. If you’re looking for a muscle-building, heart-racing snowshoe, head up hill! This will engage muscle groups you didn’t know you have and leave you feeling sore (and satisfied!) from your weekend walk. On the other hand, looking for an easier climb? Golf courses are another great place to master the sport of snowshoeing and introduce beginners to the sport.

Looking for a place to start? We have you covered. Here are our top 5 local trails for a blood-pumping, family-friendly winter outdoor adventure we know you’ll love!

  1. Chickadee Ridge: one of Tahoe’s most popular snowshoe adventures! Chickadee ridge not only comes with a beautiful scenic view, but you may be visited by the adorable chickadee birds that land in people’s hands. This trail is beginner to moderate and is great for the whole family including the dogs!
  2. Tahoe Meadows: this also popular trail off of mount rose highway is a great place to introduce the kids to snowshoeing. Most of the time the roads to get there are very crowded but once you’re up in the trees it’s a nice flat trail with peace and serenity.
  3. Peter Grubb Hut and Round Valley: a great trail near Donner Pass that you can either stay on the valley floor and enjoy the views or do some mountain climbing and watch the back-country skiers.
  4. Galena Creek:  a trail that’s closest to the reno area. Its located right off of bitterbrush trail in Galena Creek Regional Park and is also a moderate to easy trail for all ages and skills. This is also a pet friendly trail!
  5. Spooner and Marlette Lakes: a backcountry trail that is accessible from the Spooner backcountry parking area of Lake. Tahoe Nevada state park. Spooner is a short walk from the parking area and for the more advance adventure seekers you can snowshoe. Up North Canyon Road for a view of beautiful Marlette Lake.

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