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Yes! Winter is the Best Time to Treat your Varicose and Spider Veins!


It’s true! These blustery temperatures in Northern Nevada are the best time to prep your legs and get them ready for Spring and Summer! If you’ve been wanting to rid your legs of troublesome varicose and spider veins, now’s the ideal time to do so!

Varicose vein and spider vein treatments can eliminate veins that create bulging and twisting lines in the lower body – and relieve common symptoms like: pain, aching, fatigue, swelling, leg heaviness, burning, and itching.

Both varicose veins and spider veins are cause by venous insufficiency which is this backward flow of blood that occurs when the tiny valves inside veins which keep the blood flowing in a certain direction, are damaged, and wear out, allowing blood to collect inside the affected area. The result?  Major swelling of the vessels, which can often be seen on the outside of the legs. If unchecked this can result in tissue damage, as well as damage to the surrounding blood vessels. Skin changes, like discoloration and thickening will most often occur and all of this can be extremely painful.

At Reno Vein Clinic, we offer some of the most advanced and state-of-the-art treatments available including Sclerotherapy and Radiofrequency Closure. All are minimally invasive and require minimal downtime and recovery.

Here are a few more reasons why wintertime is truly the best time for varicose and spider vein treatment.
– Wearing seasonally appropriate long pants and tights will hide the mild bruising/swelling that comes from vein treatment.
– It is more comfortable to wear compression stockings and conceal them in the cooler months.
– While wearing winter clothes, affected, treated areas are unlikely to be exposed to sunlight, which can cause discoloration during the time of treatment.
– More time to see the results is provided, since warmer weather is still a few months away.

There really is no better time to get rid if your varicose and spider veins and get your legs looking the way you want them to! Contact us at Reno Vein Clinic for more information! (775) 329-3100.

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6 Things You Need to Know About Spider Veins

There are actually many misconceptions about varicose and spider veins. Here are some of the most common: Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.00.50 PM

1. Crossing your legs doesn’t cause varicose veins. Neither does wearing high heels. The pooling of blood is actually more commonly caused by prolonged standing and/or sitting. Other notable causes: obesity, smoking, lack of exercise and hormonal birth control.

2. They’re not just a cosmetic problem. Probably the most common misconception about varicose veins is that people only get them treated because they’re, well, vain. Though experts agree that varicose veins are most often not a health issue, they shouldn’t be ignored. Varicose veins cause fatigue of the legs, swelling and general discomfort. They can also be a warning of  long term health risks including: deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, poor circulation and leg swelling,.

3. It’s definitely genetic, but don’t be too quick to blame one parent or the other. You can inherit the tendencies from either, or both sides of the family, and it can even skip a generation.

4. Varicose veins and spider veins aren’t the same thing.

Spider veins are:

  • small, thin blue blood vessels that can be seen under the skin
  • usually harmless
  • can be a symptom of poor circulation and varicose vein formation

Varicose veins are:

  • stretched-out veins where blood has pooled
  • thick, “ropey” and protrude out of legs
  • occur when one-way valves don’t work properly

5. There’s no proven way to reduce the appearance (aside from professional treatment), though some patients use makeup to cover up their prominent veins. But you can ease the painful symptoms. One temporary solution: Compression stockings or pantyhose

6. Treatment is better than ever, so that’s good news is that treatment today is quite advanced. There are no scars, no cutting—very minimal recovery.  And it is all offered at Reno Vein Clinic.

Call us at 775-329-3100 to schedule a consultation. Our procedures are done in an office setting,  away from the hospital and with no need  for general anesthesia.


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What To Look For When Choosing a Vein Specialist


Varicose veins:  They can be panful, ugly and lead to even more troublesome ailments such as cramping, restless legs, ulcers and blood clots.

Varicose veins occur when tiny valves regulating the flow of blood in leg veins are either damaged or missing. This causes the blood to slow and pool, and veins become enlarged. For most, varicose veins will not go away on their own, and medical treatments often provide relief.

However, it is imperative to choose a vein specialist who has the experience and is well versed in the latest technology to treat veins. Since lasers have been introduced as a vein treatment, other medical professionals have been offering vein treatment services. It is important to note that you may not get the comprehensive results you want from someone who isn’t board certified in treatment.

Both Dr. Robert Merchant and Dr. John Daake of the Reno Vein Clinic are both board certified the American Board of Phlebology, and are Vascular Surgeons who are dedicated solely to the treatment and correction of vein disorders.

Vein specialists, like Dr. Merchant and Dr. Daake at the Reno Vein Clinic can identify and treat varicose veins and other conditions, such as spider veins. They can also discuss a variety of treatment options and assess your risk for more dangerous and painful vein problems, such as blood clots or ulcers.

In addition to laser therapy, a vein specialist may recommend treatments and procedures such as an ultrasounds and sclerotherapy. Medical technology and understanding of vein disorders continues to progress. A board certified vein specialist is most likely to be up to date on the latest options.

Women are at greatest risk for developing varicose veins, but men get them, as well. Heredity, age and pregnancy also contribute to the development of varicose veins. Varicose veins may go away after pregnancy but, in other cases, they probably will not get better on their own.

To find a qualified vein specialist near you, these websites are a good place to start:

In addition to looking online for a qualified vein specialist, you can interview local specialists, ask a doctor for references, ask friends who have been treated for varicose veins or get a recommendation from your primary physician.


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Men and Veins

Women are more prone to varicose and spider veins because of hormonal changes including pregnancy. However, many of the 80 million Americans who suffer from vein issues are men. Symptoms usually include leg pain, itching, leg fatigue, swelling and heaviness. Many men who have varicose veins most commonly complain of itching and cramping in their legs.

Some of the major factors leading to varicose veins in men are heredity, age, occupations that require standing for long periods of time and trauma to legs. As men age, their risk for varicose veins increase because there is a loss of tissue tone, muscle mass and weakening of the venous walls.

Men can also develop spider veins. Once spider veins develop, there is no way for the body to cure them. Men who have spider veins often do not consider them to be a cosmetic problem because the veins are covered by hair growth on their legs. However, if a man is experiencing symptoms or wants to have spider veins treated, sclerotherapy is an effective treatment.

It is important that both men and women are aware of the risks associated with varicose veins and spider veins, so they can take steps to prevent them from developing and seek treatment if necessary.

To learn more, please visit www.renoveinclinic.com or call us at (775) 329-3100 or toll free (877) 842-7285.

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What to ask your Doctor Before Treatment

There are often times many things we do without reading the fine print. We are all guilty of signing documents without pouring over every word, but, it is important to ask your doctor before any procedure as many questions as you can. There are no “dumb” questions. By asking questions, you are educating yourself on the procedure and what to expect, as well as getting realistic expectations. Talking with your doctor can also make you feel more comfortable and take the fear of the unknown out before you actually have any procedure. There are some important questions everyone should ask before a procedure though. Questions that can vet out bad doctors from good ones, as well as important safety questions.

Some questions you should ask:

Where did you go to school?

How long have you been practicing?

Where did you get you ____ certification/s?

How many of ____ procedures have you performed?

Am I a good candidate for this procedure, and why?

How long will the ____ procedure take?

How long is my recovery period going to be?

Is there anything important I should know to avoid or do?

What if there are complications?

And, do you have before and after photos I can use as a reference to see your work?

Asking these questions will not only help you, but they will show your doctor that you have done your research and you are exploring all of your options before you commit to anything. This is important, because you have to remember, you are hiring the doctor to perform a service for you, you should be aware of everything that entails, as well as have a realistic expectation for the results you wish to achieve. Never feel intimidated by your doctor, they are there to help you and want you to feel as comfortable as possible about anything you choose to have done. Remember, ask lots of questions, do your research on doctors, and have realistic expectations. Procedures don’t have to be avoided because of fear!



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Follow Up Care for RadioFrequency Closure

The day of surgery:
At the Reno Vein Clinic, minimal sedation is used, so the patient is usually sent home within an hour after the surgery . Most patients are up and moving about normally within a few hours of the surgery; however the patient is asked not to do any excessive exercise for a couple of days.

Follow-up appointments:
The next day the patient comes in for the post-op check. Bandages are removed and exchanged for compression hose. The physician will do an ultrasound to ensure the veins have closed correctly, and will answer any questions the patient may have. The Doctor will see the patient again at 3, 6 and sometimes 12 months intervals.

Compression hose:
The patient is asked to wear 140 compression hose during daytime activities for 2 weeks after the surgery. This helps promote both healing and post surgery comfort.

The procedure Reno Vein Clinic uses has been proven to be much less painful and cause significantly less bruising than other procedures. However each patient is different and may react differently. Wearing compression hose will significantly reduce the occurrence and extent of bruising.

The patient will often see instant results after the surgery. Lumpy, ropey veins will be gone and after a period of time the smaller spider veins may diminish as well. Frequently, however, sclerotherapy is recommended

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Introduction to Radiofrequency Closure

When doctors use the term “minimally-invasive”, people who are living with varicose veins may wonder what exactly that really means. For a long time, the only treatment available to treat varicose veins was vein stripping, which was often very uncomfortable and involved a long recovery process.

Gone are those days! New technologies are always developing and Reno Vein Clinic stays on the cutting edge of treatment options. The doctors at the Reno Vein Clinic use the RadioFrequency ClosureFast procedure which is considered minimally invasive. A patented radiofrequency catheter that is inserted into the vein and radio frequency energy is applied to heat the vein, causing it to collapse and seal shut. The body naturally re-directs the flow of blood into the surrounding healthy veins.

This procedure also has a minimal recovery time, is less painful and has fewer complications than alternative procedures. With the revolutionary FDA-approved Radiofrequency Closure procedure, the patient is usually back to doing their favorite activities within a couple of days.

The doctors at the Reno Vein Clinic are dedicated solely to the treatment and correction of vein disorders. The facility was the first west of the Mississippi to perform Radiofrequency Closure. The Doctors have refined the techniques over the last 10 years so the procedure can be performed on a walk-in, walk-out basis under IV sedation at the on-site State Licensed and AAAHC accredited surgery center. For more information please visit our website http://www.renoveinclinic.com or call us at (775) 329-3100.

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